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CFEED is a leading industrial producer of best-in-class farmed live feed. Our live feed solutions go beyond optimal nutrition for larval rearing – we offer marine hatcheries advice, support and know-how, in combination with a product that is superior to any other live feed in the market.

We are proud to say that we are feeding the blue future by helping aquaculture companies, all around the world, to rear and feed their larvae in a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way.

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Using copepods

What is the CFEED?

What is the CFEED?

To give marine larvae a strong start, our company has developed a research-driven and nutritionally complete live feed. Each bottle of our feed contains millions of best-quality farmed copepod eggs, called: C-podz.

How to use our feed?

How to use our feed?

By using our feed as booster, supplement and/or alternative to rotifers, your larvae will get access from day 1 to essential nutrients that are crucial to overcome adversities throughout the whole circle of life

Why us?

Why us?

After hatching, our C-podz provide essential nutrients and conditions to: Boost growth, Improve quality, Increase survival, Improve water quality, Enhance health and welfare, Support larvae to become an outperformer adult & Achieve better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

CFEED - Unleashing the power of nature

Unleashing the power of nature

Nature is wise, and when it comes to optimal early larval nutrition, copepods are nature's 1st choice. Marine larvae have virtually evolved through millions of years to consume copepods as their starter feed.

CFEED is a company that strive to sustainably improve what nature offers already. Therefore, we are proud to be the world’s leading large-scale producer of high-quality farmed copepods.

Our C-podz offer properties beyond what nature offers:

  • Stable high levels of essential fatty acids DHA (25%) and EPA (13%)
  • Protein content close to 70%
  • No need for enrichment
  • Stable and predictable quality

Bio-security & sustainability

C-podz are intensively farmed at our land-based facility in Vanvikan, Norway. This gives us a stable production throughout the year, with no season variations.

With a closed and fully controlled production CFEED can deliver a bio-safe product. High level of water treatment throughout the whole production process eliminates risk of contamination. The production is regularly examined for both bacterial and viral pathogens. The eggs are disinfected before storage, and we have protocols for disinfecting the eggs after delivery to our customers.

Committed to the UN SDGS
Based on our potential for real impact CFEED has decided to contribute in particular to the achievement of the following UN SDGs

CFEED production facilities at Vanvikan

Recent news

First feed matters - Clear indication of nutritional programming in ballan wrasse Credits: Bernd Ueberschär / GMA

First feed matters - Clear indication of nutritional programming in ballan wrasse

«The first diet of larval fish programmes growth, survival, and metabolism of larval ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta)» a new research article by the team behind the STARTRENS project concludes.

Source: sciencedirect.com
Etterspørselen etter levende fôr stiger kraftig

Etterspørselen etter levende fôr stiger kraftig

Tilbake i april 2015 skrev Kyst.no at Sintef etablerte fôrfarbrikk og dannet selskapet CFEED, med mål om å gjøre hoppekrepsen til et nytt norsk industriprodukt som yngel-fôr. Anlegget ble verdens første kommersielle produksjonsanlegg for hoppekreps.

Source: kyst.no
New copepod solution eliminates the need for rotifers in hatcheries

New copepod solution eliminates the need for rotifers in hatcheries

Copepods is a hot topic at the moment, with two cover pages in one week; both in Hatchery Feed & Management & in IntraFish Media!

Source: issuu.com
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