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A live feed that builds a strong foundation


Hatching and growing copepods


Feeding the blue future

To give marine larvae a strong start, our company has developed a research-driven and nutritionally complete live feed. Each bottle of our feed contains millions of best-quality farmed copepod eggs,
called: C-podz.

C-podz are the best commercial live prey to feed marine species during the most demanding phase of their life. Healthy larval nutrition has a profound effect on the robustness, quality, growth of larvae and therefore a profound effect in the profitability of aquaculture businesses (from hatchery facilities to on-growing farms).

Feeding your larvae with C-podz is the best way to ensure that essential macro- and micro-nutrients are provided in the most decisive period of the production cycle.

School of fish

How to use our feed

Superior efficiency

Larvae fed with C-Podz vs larvae fed with rotifers

Product journey

Traceable & efficient

Production and packaging

Production and packaging

  • Bio-secure packaging


  • Air and/or land freight


  • Eggs can be stored several weeks between 1-4°C
Hatching & ongrowing

Hatching & ongrowing

  • Use Hatch&Feed
  • Use as Hatch+Ongrowing&Feed
  • C-podz can be fed with algae
    (ask our team about which complementary algae products can be used in combination with c-podz)
Larval feeding

Larval feeding

  • Use as booster, supplement or rotifer substitute
  • CFEED support its customers to design customized feeding regimes that suit their needs, expectations and budget. Our goal is to offer you the best live feed solution for your specific hatchery and business